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Palouse Falls

Hi guys,

Last week, my friends and I went on a trip to the Palouse Falls. We heard that it would be really pretty, so we decided to take the car and drive to Palouse Falls State park. After a 2,5 hour drive, we finally arrived at the waterfall. The view was stunning! Because it’s still quite cold here, the lake of the waterfall was frozen. Also the white mountains looked so pretty. We decided to go for a hike, and followed the river until it turned into a waterfall. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really prepared for a hike (see my Uggs) so I decided at some point to return to the car, because on Uggs it would have been too dangerous. Even though I didn’t do the entire hike, I really loved it! Instead of new fashionable shoes, I definitely have a new pair of hike shoes on my wish list.





Here I am

Hi guys,

It’s already 1,5 week ago that I arrived in Moscow (Idaho) for my exchange. So far everything is going good and I’m starting to feel quite comfortabel here. The first days were quite hard and lonely but after arriving in my apartment and having an introduction day at school it went much better. I made new friends and even went on a road trip to Seattle. There’s still a lot of stuff I’m struggling with, but I know that I will figure that out somehow. The temperature at the moment is -3, which is pretty good because two days ago it was -14. That was definitely something I had to get used to, especially the amount of snow.

So last weekend I went on a road trip to Seattle with some friends. We explored the city and visited the high lights (Space needle, harbor, Football stadion etc). It was so nice to get out of the house and explore a different city. Especially, because it was my boyfriends birthday and I wasn’t there to celebrate it with him. Luckily, almost every store and restaurant has wifi in the US so we were able to text each other. Seattle is such a nice place and I really liked the view that you have when you walk along the harbor. We only stayed for 1 night but it was really nice!!






The best!

Happy new year guys! I haven’t wrote anything in a while, because I was pretty busy with packing and organizing stuff for Christmas etc. and also because I was a little lazy. My exchange to the United States is around the corner and there’s still so much stuff that I need to do… Unfortunately after yesterday night I became a bit ill, so right now I’m laying in bed with a hot cup of tea… So far a good start of a new year…

Two days ago, I went to the city with my boyfriend to buy some stuff for my exchange. It’s going to be really hard to not have him around, but I know that we are going to manage it and that everything will be fine. He truly is the sweetest guy ever and he bought me this cute Calvin Klein underwear set. I always wanted to have it and I love the sparkles!! Besides this, he also bought me a new Moleskine agenda, which I really needed. I’m really the happiest girl ever and he truly is the best!


img_1009Tomorrow I’m really going to start packing. I also need to go to the hairdresser, because my hair looks terrible at the moment. I’m thinking about cutting it really short one more time before I leave. What do you guys think? Anyway, I wish you guys a happy and healthy new year with lots of love!

(source: https://nl.pinterest.com/explore/bruin-bob-haar-935935845829/)















A day in Amsterdam

Today I had to go to the U.S Consulate General in Amsterdam to apply for my visa. I was looking forward to this day because, even though I live in the Hague, I barely go to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is such a nice and lively city and there are many nice places to visit and more than enough stuff to see. My dad took a day off so he could come with me and we could spend some time together. Unfortunately, I got sick this weekend and today I still wasn’t feeling that great, but I had to go anyway because I really need my visa ASAP to arrange some stuff. So we got in the car and drove to Amsterdam. After 2 hours I was finally done and my visa got approved! We went for lunch and walked through the city. The city was beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas trees and the canals looked so pretty. Hopefully, I feel much better next time and I can really enjoy my day in Amsterdam.

The coat that I’m wearing is a vintage fur coat that I got from my grandma. Besides that,  I’m just wearing a simple black jeans with black boots that have little belts. The jeans are from H&M and were only €9,95,- and the boots are from Zara. I’m not sure anymore how much they have cost me but I really like them.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset






From “Me” to “Me”

So today I got back from my trip to Marrakech. Me and my boyfriend decided to go on a short trip to Morocco to escape the cold weather and all the stress. But before I left, I ordered some new stuff that I want to show to you guys.

The first thing I ordered was this sweater. I fell in love with it because of the cute text and because it looked so comfortable. The sweater is from Rad. I had never heard of the brand before but you should definitely take a look at their website, because they have a lot of cute sweaters and t-shirts. Also their customer care is really good, because there were some issues with the delivery of the sweater and they responded right a way and took good care of the issue.


The second thing I ordered were these glasses from Charlie Temple. Because I’m leaving to study in the United States next month, I thought it would be handy to have some spare glasses. I already have brown Gucci glasses, so I decided to go for black this time. The glasses were €25,- in total and they even call your own optician to make the glasses the most suitable for you. Besides the awesome price, they also deliver the handmade glasses within 24 hours.


The last thing I ordered was this cute bracelet from Modemusthaves.com. My boyfriend had this fashion voucher and didn’t know what to buy, so he let me pick something for myself. I’m totally in love with this bracelet, because it’s so simple and to have your own name on it is just adorable. It also fits perfectly with other bracelets and with a nice watch. The bracelet can be ordered in different colors and with or without one gold letter.



Colorful Winter

The weather is getting colder and colder overhere, so I created an outfit that was still warm and comfortable enough for these days. The red sweater is from Maison Scotch. I bought it at a huge warehouse (Bijenkorf) here in the Netherlands. I really like that the sweater is so colorful, because this way it fits with a lot of different trousers and the colors make me happy. The skirt is a leather skirt that I got from my mom. She used to wear this skirt a long time ago, but gave it to me an my sister to wear it. The boots are from Dr. Martens. These are the soft leather boots because I find those other boots a  bit rigid. The bag is from Mango. I bought it during the sale last summer and I just really love the smiley face on the bag. The outfit is just really simple, but it’s just really comfortable and it still looks kind of cute I think.




Autumn Days

Hi guys,

So I haven’t been writing a lot on my blog lately, but I have been busy with school, work and writing for other websites. Today I finally finalized the application process for my exchange to Idaho this spring semester. I’m already looking for a room/apartment and I’m trying to get as much done as possible before I leave. Even though I’m really excited to go on exchange, it’s also pretty scary. Leaving everything behind for a few months and missing all my friends and family is going to be a big challenge, but I’m sure everything is going to be alright.

Today I took pictures of the shoes that I got from my boyfriend a few days ago. I wanted to use those pictures for the blogpost that I’m writing for Studentmind, but I thought, why not also use it for my personal blog and make some extra photo’s of the entire outfit?! I’m totally obsessed with the shoes because they fit with every outfit. The shoes were very popular when I was younger, but just like the Adidas Superstar, the Puma Suede Classic is making a strong comeback. The other thing that I’m currently obsessed with is the Teddy Coat. My sister got this coat from the Primark last year and since the temperature has dropped a lot this week, it was a great opportunity to take this coat out of the closet again. Besides that this coat is really soft, the hood is extremely big and I love it. The pants that I’m wearing looks on the first picture like a simple black skinny jeans, but it’s in fact a leather Arma pants with a “snake” sort of print. I haven’t been wearing this pants for over a year or so, but when I tried it on again, it reminded me why I bought it a few years ago. The sweater that I’m wearing is from the Dutch Warehouse V&D, which unfortunately went bankrupt a few months ago. The funny thing is that this sweater belonged to my mom years ago, even before she had me and my sister. She loved to see me wear her old sweater.






Keep that Summer Glow with Healthy Snacks!

Hi guys,

So the summer is almost over and I had my first day of school again. After I came home
I was pretty exhausted, because I forgot how much energy it costs to go to school and to
focus all day. Besides feeling exhausted, I was also really excited and motivated to get started again. Working on my future and getting to see my friends again made me feel really happy and it made me realize that I have to take good care of my body and keep that summer glow going. When I got home, the first thing I wanted to do was go for a run. I’m really going to try to work out (more) because I haven’t really done anything these last couple of months. Besides working out, I want to eat healthier. Summer surely wasn’t my healthiest period and now that I’m going to be busy again I really want to watch what I eat, because I think that what you put in your body is as important as what you put on it, and eating nutrient-rich foods can help you look and feel your best.

So this afternoon I walked into the kitchen and saw these jars of linseed (flaxseed) and oatmeal of my sister. For the record, my sister lives pretty healthy. She always makes fresh smoothies in the morning or a mix of superfoods with yoghurt, so I thought maybe I should start doing the same.


My favorite superfood is definitely the goji berry. Besides that they taste very good, they provide you with protein, trace minerals and other nutrients and they are really good for your skin. You can either use them within you smoothie, add them to your bowl of yoghurt or even eat them as a healthy snack.

gojibes(Image source: voedingscentrum.nl)

Another superfood I can recommend is the walnut. Even though it’s not my favorite, they are full of vitamins, proteins and dietary fibre. You can use walnuts in many different ways and add them to almost everything.


A superfood that you can eat and drink are chia seeds. These little seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, are high in fiber and they are easy to digest. Chia seeds can added to a bowl of yoghurt or you can put them in a bottle of water and drink them. Eating or drinking them can prevent premature skin aging and they make your skin glow.


(image source: fitndiets.com)

I’m definitely going to try to eat and drink more of these superfoods, because they can help me to remain that glow from the inside out! I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost which is inspired by Nuts.com If you want to know more about healthy snacking, check out their Healthy Snacking ideas on their website.









Stroll in the park

So today I went for a stroll in the park. The weather was great and I wanted to take some pictures of the pretty flowers and trees. I have been pretty busy lately with my new job so walking in the park and having fun really got me in the vacation mood. This summer I planned to go to Hungary, Barcelona and Croatia and even though I’m not going that long, I’m really excited. So if you guys have any idea or tips for those countries? Please let me know.




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