And we’re back home!!
After spending 5 days in the Dominican Republic i’m back home.
I had such a great time because I celebrated my 22nd birthday in the Dominican Republic!
God I’m already 22.. time flies! haha
We spend the entire week on the beach and the pool and my crew and my had an awesome week!
Unfortunately after 5 days it was time to leave again..

Being home feels good too cause I have so many things to do!
In my last post I was telling you guys about getting gel nails, and guess what..
I got them! Unfortunately i’m not that happy with my nails… The girl that did my nails
wasn’t that good. When she was finished my nails looked horrible…
When I got home I immediately filed my nails into another shape and changed the color.
With the color on they look better but i’m still not happy.

While writing this post I have a few days left before I have another trip…
So for now i’m going to enjoy my weekend and try to get all my stuff done!

Lots of love! xo