Yesterday I got back from my layover in Mexico. We only had 48 hours so it was a pretty
exhausting trip but I had a great time.
I’m off for 5 days now, so I finally have some time to do all the stuff I already needed to do before this trip.
One of those things is arranging a car and hotel for Miami cause next week I have a trip to Miami and i’m
staying there for 3 days. The best part is that my boyfriend is coming to Miami too, so that’s why I have to
arrange a hotel and a car.
My sister already made me a list of all the stuff I need to get her! And of course I made a list myself.
One of the things on my list is the scented candle of Bath and Body Works.
I bought one of these candles on my trip to Poland and god I just love the smell of these candles.
Especially Midnight Pomegranate is one of my favorites.
Besides the Bath and Body Work candles I have to get myself some more of the scented sanitizers.
These sanitizers fit perfectly in your bag and are always handy to have with you. Especially when you
are working on a plane! 😉
Another item on my list is a new pair of Nikes.
I’m addicted to buying shoes and especially Nikes… Even though I don’t wear them often.
The oldskool Nike Cortez is a model that’s probably going to be the newest trend among sneakers.
The Cortez was created in 1972 by Bill Bowman and is making his comeback so, I definitely have to get
a pair of these Nikes. Besides these items there are also some other stores I have to visit! (Victoria Secret, Walmart, Levi’s etc)
I can’t wait for my Miami trip, cause I’ve only been there one time before so if you guys have any tips
or things I definitely have to see, please let me know!!

Enjoy your sunday! loveee

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