Yeeeeeey i’ve reached 90 followers this week!
Thank you all soo much! I just got back from Miami and I had an awesome time.
The first night I went out for dinner with my crew at Normans. Just a quick and easy meal
before going to bed, but it was delicious.
The next day I rented a bike to go shopping at Lincoln road. I made a shopping list in my last post
but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get all the stuff of my list.
After cycling and searching for 40 minutes I finally arrived at Lincoln road.
It was pretty hot outside so my first stop was at the Starbucks. I ordered a Frappucino Caramel and after
that I was ready to do some shopping.

My first stop was the MAC store. I bought the MAC Mineralize Blush Dainty. It’s a really pretty color
and fits most skin colors. Besides the blush I bought 2 lipstick ( Amorous and Sweetie), a lipliner (Beurre) and the MAC
fix/brume fixante.
After the MAC store it was time to visit the Victoria’s Secret. They had a special offer this week! Panty Party!
7 panties for 27 dollar! So I definitely had to get some. After the Victoria’s Secret I went to look for the Nike Cortez sneakers
but unfortunately I couldn’t find any store that sold these Nikes.. So after looking at a 100 different stories it was already time
to take a taxi back to the hotel  (I didn’t take the bike cause I was exhausted of the shopping and hot weather).

The next morning we went for breakfast at a small french bakery and after that we visited the beach. The weather was great and the water was really clear. We spend the entire morning at the beach and in the afternoon we went our for lunch and did grocery shopping for our flights back home. Before we knew it, it was already 6 pm… Time for us  to pack our bags and to get ready for our flights..

Miami was an awesome trip and I had a great time! Being back home never sucked this much but I can’t wait for my next big trip in a few weeks… Dubai!!!

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1. Victoria’s Secret
2. MAC products
3. Miami 27 street
4. The beach
5. In love with my MAC products
6. Lincoln Road