First off all thank you all so much for following my blog!
I’ve received so many sweet and supporting messages, so thank you!
The last 2 days I had some short flights within Europe and today I have standby duty.
Normally I don’t really like standby duties cause,
1. you never know if they are gonna call you,
2. when they are gonna call you,
3. where you are going to…
Besides that you always have to make sure your suitcase is ready and prepared for warm
and cold weather and you have to be able to be at the airport within 1 hour…
But today I really don’t mind cause the sun is shining and that makes me so happy!
I’ve been spending the entire morning with cleaning my room and making it Spring proof!
You must think right now, Spring proof?! What the hell is that!
Well Spring proof means cleaning my entire room, buying some new accessories for in my room,
light up some scented candles and get some beautiful flowers for on my nightstand. Doing
this makes me so happy and gives my mind some kind of peace. The colored flowers and the smell
of them is so nice to have in my room.

IMG_7854 IMG_0281IMG_0282

1. My flowers
2. Spring outfit, love it!
3. I love this sweater! but it’s soo expensive…

I love to spend my standby days like this but unfortunately that’s not always possible…

Today is my last standby day of my work week cause tomorrow I’ll be flying to Curacao again.
Curacao is a short layover so I’ll be back by Saturday morning. The fun thing is that i’m flying with 2 off my friends,
so that makes the trip even better.
For now I’m just gonna relax and watch some series!
Enjoy your Wednesday guys! Lovee xo