I haven’t been posting in a while but i’m gonna try to post more often.
Last week I had a trip to Dubai! It was the last flight to Dubai for this season,
so the best part was that we flew as passengers to Dubai. Having the Dubai
trip on your schedule is very rare, so I was really happy I got it!
Sometimes it’s really hard being away for a few days, cause you fly with new faces all
the time, but my Dubai crew was awesome!!
We had 3 days off in Dubai and we had so much fun together. The first day I didn’t feel that
good so I stayed in my room, spending the day with watching movies and laying a few hours
by the pool. Later that day I went for dinner with my crew and I was already feeling much better.
We decided to go to the beach the next day so we could enjoy the sun and the beautiful view of the
Burj Al Arab. Unfortunately there weren’t any places you could get some food or something to drink so
we decided after a few hours to do some drinks at the Jumeirah hotel. We had a beautiful view there
and a good glass of wine.
After doing some drinks we went for dinner at the Dubai Marina Mall. We ate sushi and decided not to make it late,
but when we took the taxi back to the hotel we heard the  new song of Rihanna and decided we couldn’t leave
Dubai without going to a nightclub here.
So after we made the plan to go out, we got all dressed up and ready to go to the Armani Prive club.
We had an great night there and we spend our last day laying by the pool.

After getting back from Dubai it was time to get my nails done again. I decided to do french manicure nails
and it worked out pretty well! The weather in the Netherlands was pretty good when I came back
so i decided to do some shopping. I wanted the Nike cortez sneakers really bad but unfortunately I couldn’t
find them anywhere, so i decided to buy the Adidas Superstar Sneakers and I’m really happy with them.
They fit perfectly under a jeans, dress and skirt! Because I lay on the beach and by the pool a lot,
it was time to get a new bikini. I didn’t want to spend too much on the bikini because a voice in the back of my mind
said I already have enough bikini’s. So my task this week was to find a cute budget bikini and I think I did a pretty good
job in finding one. (see the pictures).

Tomorrow I have a trip to Turkey, so it’s time to pack my bags again.
Enjoy your Thursday guys!


1. Sunset by the pool
2.Sushi time
3. Dubai Marina
4. Burj Al Arab
5. Adidas Superstar, By Danie styling guide, My budget Bikini (10 euro), Lancaster sun protection.