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juni 2015

Short hair and pink nails

Yesterday I went to the hairdresser to cut my hair... It was an impulsive decision but i'm really happy with it. My hair was pretty long and I needed something new so why not cut it? It's still long enough... Continue Reading →

The it bag!

Today I had a short flight to Greece and then back to Amsterdam. I had to wake up at 01:00... Ugh I hate early flights! Normally I don't really mind what time I land but today I did! Last week... Continue Reading →

Summer proof

Yesterday me and my sister were looking for the perfect festival outfit but we still weren't sure which one it was going to be. But today we had to make a decision cause the festival is today! So I wanna... Continue Reading →

Festival time!

Sorry guys, haven't been posting in a while... I was soo busy and I have been sick for a few days, so haven't had much time to write anything. The weather today in the Netherlands is great! The sun is... Continue Reading →

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