Yesterday me and my sister were looking for the perfect festival outfit but
we still weren’t sure which one it was going to be. But today we had to make
a decision cause the festival is today! So I wanna show you guys the outfit that we
choose.  Tadaaaaa…….


She decided to go for the 3rd outfit! My sister just felt really comfortable in this outfit,
so I guess that’s the reason she choose it.
Besides the online shopping we did this week, me and my sister went shopping for sunglasses. My sister
saw some really nice Ray-Ban glasses online but she wanted to try them first, so we decided to go
to the optician in the city that also sells sunglasses. Instead of buying the Ray-Ban sunglasses we both ended up buying Chanel sunglasses. It was an impulsive decision, because they are pretty expensive.. But I’m still
sooo happy with it.

IMG_8680 IMG_8691 IMG_8787

Unfortunately we have to deal with Monday again in a few hours…
This week I have to do some stuff at the office so no flights for me!.
I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

Love xx