Today I had a short flight to Greece and then back to Amsterdam.
I had to wake up at 01:00… Ugh I hate early flights!
Normally I don’t really mind what time I land but today I did!

Last week me and my sister both bought Chanel sunglasses and of course we discussed
the famous Chanel 2.55 Classic leather handbag. I think this is THE bag that every girl dreams of but
unfortunately it’s for most of us too pricy! After talking about the Chanel 2.55 Classic we decided to
take a look at the price, so maybe we could put some money aside so one day we could buy
this beautiful bag.
When we looked online for the prices I got a mini heart attack… The prices increased with 20% this year and
the bag was now for sell for 4260 euro…
It would not only take a lot of time to get the money together but besides that I started thinking, is this bag
really worth that much money?

My sister couldn’t get the bag out of her mind. So we decided to look at online vintage stores that also sell
these beautiful bags. After spending hours looking at different models, colors and prices she found the
Chanel 2.55 Classic flap bag medium she wanted. She contacted the seller of the bag and before she knew
she was the proud owner of a Chanel bag.

So today was finally the day that she would receive her bag. It would be delivered between 17:00 and 20:00
so that’s the reason I couldn’t wait to get home!
When the bag finally arrived we were soooo excited! And god, it’s soo beautiful!
I still wanna have a Chanel bag, but for now I just keep dreaming and staring at this one!

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