Yesterday I went to the hairdresser to cut my hair…
It was an impulsive decision but i’m really happy with it.
My hair was pretty long and I needed something new so why not cut it?
It’s still long enough to fit in a bun, cause we have to wear a bun during work.
When I got home and looked in the mirror it looked pretty short but i’m already
used to it. It’s so much easier doing my hair in the morning!
Besides getting a new haircut it was also time to do my nails again.
Because of my work i’m not allowed to have any bright colors on my nails and prints
so I decided to go for a soft pink color.
I’m really happy with my nails but it’s really expensive.. So i’m thinking about getting
another nail stylist. So if you guys have any suggestions?

Today I ordered some duty free stuff! Because i’m working for an airline i’m able to buy
duty free products and I even get a 20% discount on these products! So me and my mom
ordered some make-up products today and I can’t wait to show you guys. It probably
takes a week before they get delivered.
I’ve got 40 minutes of standby duty left so I don’t expect a call anymore but you never know.

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

FullSizeRender-17  lancome_la_vie_est_belle_edp_spray_75_ml_02

IMG_9206 FullSizeRender-18

1. My pink nails
2. Duty free! Love this perfume
3. Short hair
4. Short hair and a new dress