Ugh I always tell you guys i’m gonna post more but than it never happens…
So i’m sorry guys!
I’ve got my Louis Vuittion Piano bag already a few weeks and i’m still in love with it.
But I promised I would show some more pictures of the bag. So here they are!

P1150528 (Medium) P1150523 (Medium)

P1150532 (Medium) P1150533 (Medium)

P1150536 (Medium)

When the bag arrived it was smaller than I thought, but now I think it’s the perfect size.
It has a lot of space and the small pocket with the zipper is very handy for your wallet or keys.
The bag is in great condition and you can barely see it’s been used before.

Today my vacation starts! I’ve got 2 weeks off so my plan is to go visit my boyfriend again in the States.
As a flight attendant you can fly for a reduced price, so it wouldn’t cost me that much.
It’s seen 5 months now since we’ve seen each other so that’s been  pretty long…
We both been very busy lately so it’s even hard to FaceTime each other.
The weather is perfect at the moment! So for now i’m gonna enjoy my day in the sun.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!