I’m finally done packing my bags and no not for work this time but for vacation!
My plane leaves tomorrow at 9 in the morning and i’m flying with the company I work for, so maybe
there are colleagues on board that I know. It’s gonna be a pretty long flight…

I’ve been in Orlando a couple of times before but just for work. So i’m excited to discover this beautiful city!
The weather forecast isn’t looking that nice… But we’ll make it an awesome trip anyway.

Last week the weather in The Hague was pretty good. It was sunny and my vacation had just started
so my dad decided to go have dinner at the beach with my sister, her boyfriend and my mom.
The food was delicious and we had so much fun! I love hanging out with my family cause they are pretty
amazing people.

Yesterday I went for breakfast with my mom and after that we decided to look at the shops that were nearby.
I wasn’t planning on buying anything cause I just booked my vacation. But unfortunately we run into this
beautiful high heels that I couldn’t resist buying… Still i’m not really sure whether I should keep them or bring them back,
cause I do feel a little guilty. (Buying expensive shoes I don’t need)
Anyway for now i’m just going to relax and enjoy the sunny weather in The Hague cause I’ve got a looooong day tomorrow.


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  1. My sister and me on the beach
  2. My sister and her boyfriend
  3. Delicious dinner at the beach
  4. My new heels
  5. Ripped jeans and high heels