Hi guys,
after a busy exam schedule I finally found some time again to post something.
Today I received the topics for the december magazine and i’m so excited!
Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about it yet but hopefully soon!

Because winter is about to come and it’s getting dark so early here in the Netherlands,
I thought it would be nice to show you guys some of my favorite colorful products!
To start with the lovely anti-bacterial hand gel.
The Napa Valley anti-bacterial hand gel is one of my favorites. It’s from the Bath & Body Works store
and it smells delicious. I always have one of these in my handbag because university can definitely
be a dirty place. Unfortunately we don’t have a Bath & Body Works store in the Netherlands but if you
ever get the chance to buy one of these abroad, you definitely should do it!


The next product I really like it the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell body lotion.
I have always been a fan of Victoria’s Secret but this body lotion smells really good.
The body lotion has a cherry blossom & peach smell. If you don’t like sweet body lotions
then you shouldn’t buy this one cause it’s really sweet. The thing I don’t like about this
body lotion is that it’s kind of sticky.


The next product is the Estee Lauder 02 Glow Fuchsia lipstick. I’m obsessed with this color! You can wear
this lipstick to give your look a little more color. This lipstick has a lot of sparkle in it but you don’t really
see that when you put it on. I always wear this lipstick in combination with a transparant lipgloss. This way
you get to see the sparkles and the color gets even brighter.


My last favorite color product is Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. This lip balm is made of bee wax and when you put
it on your lips it makes them tingle. I really love this product because it feels so nice on your lips and the
wax stays on your lips for a while. The only thing is that it’s a really small box and you can lose it easily in your bag!



Hope you guys have a great day!
Love xx