Hi guys,

As I told you in my previous post, I went on vacation to Thailand. When it
was time to go home, I had a few Baht left, so I decided to go airport shopping of my last bit of Thai money. Because I’ve got an Asian background, I thought that they would have some make-up that would suit me! So while looking around I run into this eyebrow pencil. When I got home, I immideately used it and I really love it! So that’s why I wanted to share this with you guys. Check it out 😀

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This is how my eyebrow looks before I start.

Before I start using the pencil, I brush my eyebrow hair in one direction.
Then I start with the pencil. The color of this pencil is dark brown and I first start with making a tight underline.

As you can see here, I drew a line on the bottom of my eyebrow.

The second step is to also draw a line on the upper side of your eyebrow.
Because I’ve got a lot “wild” hairs on the upper side, I don’t draw this line as tight as the bottom line.


The third step is to “color” the middle section. By color I mean making little hair looking stripes in the middle. Watch out you don’t make too many lines or push the pencil too hard on your skin because this will ruin the effect and makes you eyebrows very thick.

After that it is time to use the brow shadow. This little sponge has the same color as the pencil but makes it easier to fill in the last gaps in the brow.

After filling in the last gaps with the brow shadow sponge, I use the Clarins Instant Light.
I already have this product for over 8 months now, and I almost use it daily. When I use it for my eyebrows I just use a little drop.

I put a little bit of the drop under my eyebrow and wipe it out all under the line I drew before. This way the part underneath my eyebrow lights up and gets a little sparkle. It enhances the contrast of the dark eyebrow on the skin.

After using the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow shadow sponge, I use the eyebrow mascara. The mascara also has the same color as the pencil and sponge and gives the finishing touch to your eyebrows!


So here is a picture of before and after applying the  eyebrow pencil set!



Have a great day guys! xoxo