The weather is getting colder and colder overhere, so I created an outfit that was still warm and comfortable enough for these days. The red sweater is from Maison Scotch. I bought it at a huge warehouse (Bijenkorf) here in the Netherlands. I really like that the sweater is so colorful, because this way it fits with a lot of different trousers and the colors make me happy. The skirt is a leather skirt that I got from my mom. She used to wear this skirt a long time ago, but gave it to me an my sister to wear it. The boots are from Dr. Martens. These are the soft leather boots because I find those other boots a  bit rigid. The bag is from Mango. I bought it during the sale last summer and I just really love the smiley face on the bag. The outfit is just really simple, but it’s just really comfortable and it still looks kind of cute I think.