So today I got back from my trip to Marrakech. Me and my boyfriend decided to go on a short trip to Morocco to escape the cold weather and all the stress. But before I left, I ordered some new stuff that I want to show to you guys.

The first thing I ordered was this sweater. I fell in love with it because of the cute text and because it looked so comfortable. The sweater is from Rad. I had never heard of the brand before but you should definitely take a look at their website, because they have a lot of cute sweaters and t-shirts. Also their customer care is really good, because there were some issues with the delivery of the sweater and they responded right a way and took good care of the issue.


The second thing I ordered were these glasses from Charlie Temple. Because I’m leaving to study in the United States next month, I thought it would be handy to have some spare glasses. I already have brown Gucci glasses, so I decided to go for black this time. The glasses were €25,- in total and they even call your own optician to make the glasses the most suitable for you. Besides the awesome price, they also deliver the handmade glasses within 24 hours.


The last thing I ordered was this cute bracelet from My boyfriend had this fashion voucher and didn’t know what to buy, so he let me pick something for myself. I’m totally in love with this bracelet, because it’s so simple and to have your own name on it is just adorable. It also fits perfectly with other bracelets and with a nice watch. The bracelet can be ordered in different colors and with or without one gold letter.