Hi guys,

It’s already 1,5 week ago that I arrived in Moscow (Idaho) for my exchange. So far everything is going good and I’m starting to feel quite comfortabel here. The first days were quite hard and lonely but after arriving in my apartment and having an introduction day at school it went much better. I made new friends and even went on a road trip to Seattle. There’s still a lot of stuff I’m struggling with, but I know that I will figure that out somehow. The temperature at the moment is -3, which is pretty good because two days ago it was -14. That was definitely something I had to get used to, especially the amount of snow.

So last weekend I went on a road trip to Seattle with some friends. We explored the city and visited the high lights (Space needle, harbor, Football stadion etc). It was so nice to get out of the house and explore a different city. Especially, because it was my boyfriends birthday and I wasn’t there to celebrate it with him. Luckily, almost every store and restaurant has wifi in the US so we were able to text each other. Seattle is such a nice place and I really liked the view that you have when you walk along the harbor. We only stayed for 1 night but it was really nice!!