Sorry for the late post.. Again…
Last week we finally had spring break and even though I plannend on writing for my blog, I didn’t do it… So time to catch up!

So far, everything is going great here! My grades are good and I made some awesome friends. One girl is from California. She’s so funny and she is obsessed with dogs! The other girl I hang out with a lot, is a girl from Germany. It is really nice to have someone that is also from Europe and that understands some of the difficulties that come along with being on exchange. The weather here though changes all the time.. From snow till really warm and sunny days… I just don’t know what to wear here anymore…

Two weeks ago I turned 24. I celebrated my birthday with my friends here in Moscow and they bought me all these cute gifts. I absolutely loved the presents, but the best present was arriving the next day at Lewiston airport, my boyfriend! I was so happy to see him again and (hopefully) he was happy to see me too (I can be a real pain in the ass sometimes). Because I still had to go to university the week he arrived, we didn’t do that many “special” things, but we were both just happy that we could spend some time together.

For my birthday, I got this beautiful Calvin Klein bag from my boyfriend. I have been looking for a bigger bag for quite a while, but when I saw this one, I was completely in love. I love that it is pink, because it is one of my favorite colors and it is the perfect spring/summer color. The little flowers on the bag make the bag special and I love the fact that it has a smaller bag inside. I’m using this small bag for my phone, wallet and keys. Because the bag is quite big, I use it almost everyday.


Another thing I’m totally obsessed with, is this cute flamingo denim jacket. I saw it online and I can’t wait to order it. It would match my bag perfectly and I just love the print on the back of the jacket. Also the small text on the side of the jacket makes it extra cute.


Lastly, I bought these simple white/grey Levi sneakers. Even though I didn’t need anymore shoes, I couldn’t resist buying them. They match with any outfit and they are really comfortable. The only thing I really learned is that I shouldn’t wear them in the rain, because by the time I got home, they were completely black… Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend! (Thank you).

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-22 om 18.34.26.png


collage .png



CK bag source:http://www.zappos.com/p/calvin-klein-unlined-jetlink-raffia-patchwork-tote-sugarplum-nude-flower/product/8858170/color/680078?ef_id=WEBUdAAAACD6KcNB:20170323011448:s

Polyvore: http://www.polyvore.com

Denim Flamingo Jacket: http://brenda-shop.com/flamingo-embroidered-denim-jacket

Levi Shoes: http://www.pcclub-hofstad.nl/yks19004487-nederland-heren-schoenen-levis174-schoenen-westwood-sneakers-athletic-schoenen-wit-us-verkoop-p-7026.html