Hi guys,

Happy Moms’ Weekend! Unfortunately, my mom isn’t here right now and even though she is coming within 2 weeks, I still miss her a lot! Being so far away is real challenge, but I’ve learned so many things here. Beside the practical things, like cooking, washing and cleaning, I also learned a lot about myself. There are a lot of things I’m going to try to change when I get back and there is a lot of stuff I need to appreciate way more then I did.

Yesterday, we finally had a really sunny day which made me super happy. The thing that made me even more happier, were all the packages that I received. I finally received the flamingo jacket that I had ordered a few weeks ago and I’m really obsessed with it. It is a bit oversized, but I find that quite cute. Another thing I received were beautiful scarves and some other products from Harriet Ruscoe Design . I saw these pretty scarves online and the colors just made me so happy! They also fit perfectly with my new denim jacket and I can even wear them as bag and hair accessories. Next week, there will be a special blogpost dedicated to the beautiful products of Harriet Ruscoe Design.

* Denim Flamingo Jacket: LXQ
* Flared Jeans: H&M
* Bag: Vintage Store
* Watch: DKNY
* Scarf: Harriet Ruscoe Desig