Hi guys,

As promised, here is the blogpost about the lovely scarves and other products that I received from Harriet Ruscoe Design. Harriet is a surface pattern and print designer based just outside London. As Harriet says, “My design work consists of hand drawings, paintings and textures using a variety of mediums to create an organic and individual style across all prints and patterns”.

The first time I came in contact with the designs of Harriet was when I run into an Instagram picture of her scarves. When I saw the scarves for the first time, I thought they were super cute. The colors of the scarves are really bright and they are the perfect accessory during spring and summer. I love the different color combinations, because this way they fit with a lot of different outfits. Besides that you can wear them as a scarf, you can also use them as a hair accessory, bag accessory or as a belt. When I received the scarves, they arrived in these cute paper boxes and within these boxes, the scarves were wrapped up in this beautiful white/silver paper. I found it very handy that she had pictures of how you can use the scarves on the inside of the boxes. I love the card she wrote me and she also added her business card, of which I find the design super cute. Besides the scarves, she also send me these adorable mirrors and cards with different print designs. The mirrors have a very cute design and they are really handy to have in your purse. I absolutely love all the cute stuff that Harriet makes and I hope to hear more from her in the future.