Hi guys,

Wooohooo this week is dead-week and next week we have our finals. Even though I thought that dead-week was going to be really tough, I already finished all the stuff I had to do this week on Tuesday. After my finals, my parents were supposed to come and we were gonna travel around and enjoy our vacation. Unfortunately, due to the health of my grandma back home, my parents are probably not able to come visit me… It’s a real bummer, but for me, my mother being with my grandma and taking care of her is way more important. If my parents really aren’t able to come, we decide to do the trip that we have planned another time. Maybe next year! My sister is going to come anyway and we will be flying back home together. I’m really looking forward to that. So for now, I’m just gonna make the best of it and enjoy the time that I have left here. Today was such a beautiful and sunny day. First, I went to the mall and I bought this super pretty Ralph Lauren bag. I have been looking for a small bag for some time now, because sometimes my pink Calvin Klein bag is a bit too big. I really  like the color of this bag, and it just has enough space for all the important stuff that I want to take with me.  After doing some shopping,  I spend the entire afternoon with a friend in the arboretum. We brought a blanket and bought some Frappuccino’s at Starbucks. It was super nice, and we just really enjoyed the sun. Hopefully tomorrow will be as good as today!