Hi guys,

So a few weeks ago, I ran into a blogpost about eyelash lifting. I already heard quite a lot about it and because I have very long eyelashes (but they are really straight), I thought I would give it a try.

The LVL(Length, Volume, Lift) treatment takes about 1,5 hours and straightens the natural eyelashes at the root. They first apply strips underneath the eyes and after above the eyes on which your natural lashes get attached to. Then several times, the eyelashes are getting brushed and “glued” to the strips. I made the choice to also dye my eyelashes, because that would lead to the optimal result of the treatment. Taking off the abundant dye with water burned quite a lot. That was definitely the part of the treatment I did not like, but it can’t do any really damage. The LVL treatment makes use of gentle product formulations to prevent any damage of the natural lashes.

After the treatment, I was really surprised about the end result. I never thought that this treatment would work this good and it was definitely worth my time and money. The treatment normally costs around €60,-.