Hi guys,

It took some time to post something, but I was quite busy with my new job and preparing for vacation. At the moment, I’m in Bosnia Herzegovina with my boyfriend. We started our trip in Delft and drove to Bad Griesbach in Germany. The village was quite nice and we stayed in a apartment for just one night. The next day, we drove to Zadar, Croatia. Here we stayed at his aunts apartment, which is super pretty. We had an amazing view from our balcony and the beach was only 5 minutes away. The apartment also has a swimming pool, which was really needed since it was super hot! We stayed 4 days in Zadar and after that we drove to Zenica, Bosnia Herzegovina. This is the place where my boyfriend was born and where he lived the first 3 years of his life.

Before I left for our trip, I bought this adorable flamingo swimsuit at the Primark. Somehow lately I’m kind of obsessed with flamingo’s. My boyfriend thinks it’s kind of cute (well I hope). Β He bought me this huge inflatable floating flamingo as a surprise. I have never been sooo happy with something quite silly.