Hi guys,

It has been quite a while again, but here is a new post!
Before I went on vacation, I run into these beauties and I couldn’t be more excited to get them. I wanted to have these exact earrings for quite some time now, but unfortunately they were sold out in every store I looked. So after looking at several websites, I found a lady that was selling her Louis Vuitton earrings on a second hand website. Because I wanted to make sure they were real, I contacted the Louis Vuitton store in Brussel to ask if the earrings were bought there and if they were registered on that name and address. After I got the confirmation from the store, I jumped in my car to get them.


The earrings are made from gold finished brass metal and they have a very tiny Louis Vuitton hallmark on the bottom. The earrings were bigger than I thought and they are also quite heavy, but they are still so graceful. Even though they are pretty iconic these days and several celebrities and bloggers wear them, I love the fact that it is not too obvious that they are from Louis Vuitton. The earrings are sold for €295,- at the Louis Vuitton store, but because they were sold out I bought them via a second hand website for €250,-. I really love these earrings and they match with almost every outfit.