Hi guys,

It has been quite a while again… but I have been super busy with my new year of school and I just moved to my own little castle. It’s not that big, but I absolutely love it. It took some time before I could move in and there is still a lot of things that need to be finished, but for now I’m quite satisfied. Because moving is quite a hustle (not my thing at all), here are some tips:

  1. Find handy and kind men that can help you!
    Because I’m not handy at all (complete disaster), I asked my dad, boyfriend and uncles to help me. They painted the walls, moved the furniture and did basically everything that I couldn’t do…
  2. Vintage is cool
    Don’t think you have to buy everything new, because (believe me) it is quite expensive if you have to buy everything new. Start looking at local thrift shops or online second-hand stores. They have great stuff for low prices. Later on, you can always replace stuff.
  3. Compare, compare and compare!
    Yeah moving is all about comparing! Look at different online and offline shops to make sure you are not paying the highest price for internet or that beautiful chair you have seen. It maybe takes sometime, but you can save up some money.
  4. The best help is your mom!
    After reading my blogpost, my mom called me and asked why I did not mention her (as a joke) but she is soo right!!! My mom did so much for me and my little castle. From preparing the lunch to arranging basically everything around the house. I really couldn’t do it without her!