Hi guys,

Christmas is around the corner and today I received this beautiful Flower Box Christmas Edition from JP Flower Art. I really can’t wait for it to be Christmas and this flower box definitely makes my house look Christmas proof. The box exists out of white, blue, red and orange flowers with some greenery and a red ribbon around the bottom of the box. The white roses and some leaves are partially sprinkled with gold glitters and the red berries give this box the absolute Christmas vibe. What I absolutely love about this box are the two flowers that look like cute little pineapples, the blue thistle and the orange exotic flowers. It gives this box some tropical vibe like Jean Parag (owner of JP Flower Art) wanted. Besides that I absolutely love the flowers, it also smells really nice.

Jean Parag started her flower box company only a few weeks ago after her friends and family saw real potential in her creations. It all started out as a hobby and now she finally made the decision to make it into a business. She is especially grateful to have Kelvin Debi as a friend and partner because with him she really started this adventure. He helped her starting up her business and he supported her along the way.  This truly inspires me, because I find it super important that you do something that you absolutely love and to have the courage to actually just do it is just amazing! For all my Dutchies, if you want to have such a beautiful Christmas Flower Box yourself or give it as a present, check out the Facebook of JP Flower Art and get yours!!