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Thank You! 1K

Hello lovely readers! Just a small blogpost to thank you all for reading and following my blog. I just reached my first 1K and I couldn't be more excited about it. Thank you so much!! xxx  

My Own Little Castle

Hi guys, It has been quite a while again... but I have been super busy with my new year of school and I just moved to my own little castle. It's not that big, but I absolutely love it. It... Continue Reading →

Louis Vuitton Earrings

Hi guys, It has been quite a while again, but here is a new post! Before I went on vacation, I run into these beauties and I couldn't be more excited to get them. I wanted to have these exact... Continue Reading →

Tough week

After a really nice springbreak, it was time to get back to work again... It has been really tough for me to get up in the morning again, so at the end of the week I was exhausted. I even... Continue Reading →

Autumn Days

Hi guys, So I haven't been writing a lot on my blog lately, but I have been busy with school, work and writing for other websites. Today I finally finalized the application process for my exchange to Idaho this spring... Continue Reading →

Cozy Interior

Hi guys, today I didn't had to go to university and I was kind of bored, so I decided to do some online searching. As you probably know, I bought a very cute sheep skin a few months ago on... Continue Reading →

Back on track

Hi Guys, First of all, a happy new year to you all!! Sorry I haven't been posting in a while, but I have been so "busy". Before the Christmas holidays started I had to study for my exams and I had all... Continue Reading →

Colorful Products

Hi guys, after a busy exam schedule I finally found some time again to post something. Today I received the topics for the december magazine and i'm so excited! Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about it yet but hopefully... Continue Reading →

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