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Harbour Day

Hi guys, Today was absolutely amazing! Besides that it was super warm and sunny, it was also fathers day. Me and my mom decided to go to the harbour (Scheveningen) and have dinner there with my dad for fathers day.... Continue Reading →

Making the best of it!

Hi guys, Wooohooo this week is dead-week and next week we have our finals. Even though I thought that dead-week was going to be really tough, I already finished all the stuff I had to do this week on Tuesday. After... Continue Reading →

Orlando it is!

I'm finally done packing my bags and no not for work this time but for vacation! My plane leaves tomorrow at 9 in the morning and i'm flying with the company I work for, so maybe there are colleagues on... Continue Reading →

Festival time!

Sorry guys, haven't been posting in a while... I was soo busy and I have been sick for a few days, so haven't had much time to write anything. The weather today in the Netherlands is great! The sun is... Continue Reading →

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